What Do Real People Say In SpeedyPrep Reviews?

Find out with these reviews from real people who have used SpeedyPrep!

“I passed my test…”

SpeedyPrep worked great! I passed my test because of this very helpful product. I referred a friend to SpeedyPrep for the same test, and they passed as well. Thank you SpeedyPrep! – Sarah A.

“This was amazing”

I passed my human growth and development course. This was amazing because the only studying I did was on this site a week 4 days before the exam. Thank you! – Atara M

“I passed both of my tests after just a week…”

This was a great website for preparation and I passed both of my tests after just a week of preparation on this site. I also passed my sociology exam with a 55. – Jon Q

“…near perfect score.”

I passed! I haven’t taken a Math class in years but with the help of SpeedyPrep I got a near perfect score. Thanks SpeedyPrep. You’re the best! – Melody H.

“I can finish college quicker!”

I really love this program. It helped me pass my American History CLEP test last year. Also, it might have helped me pass the Psychology CLEP had I found more interest in the subject and made myself study the material this summer. Thank you so much for this opportunity to time and money so I can finish college quicker! – Fiona K.

“I have completed my BA.”

I passed American Government for 3 credits and Analyzing and Interpreting Literature 6 credits each all within 3 weeks. In doing so I have completed my BA. – Alexandra H.

“…love the speed of the site”

This service is great. Also, love the speed of the site. I have used other flash card sites and their performance was sluggish. Kudos to those who made this work! – Alexander U.

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