The Math of Saving Time & Money

The Math of Saving Time & Money

Interested in getting your college degree? Freaked out at the prospect of spending the next couple of decades paying back student loans? Love saving time and money? I’m going to assume that most of you would answer “yes” to the aforementioned questions…(If you don’t want your degree, cool, but questionable…if you don’t like saving time or money then there’s no helping you ;-).

I was reading an article the other day dealing with the overall rise in tuition prices as they pertained to a certain state’s universities (think Flynn’s Gate ;-). Their current prices for books, tuition & housing were listed, and with a little research I was able to get an idea of how their prices related to the rest of the state schools out there…pretty comparable overall.

It’s truly amazing to me that more people aren’t utilizing the CLEP system considering the amount of money they stand to save…not to mention being able shave up to two full years off of their degree in many cases.

Here’s a little math that helps illustrate my point:

Year of State University Tuition = $10,000 – $35,000

Year of Book Fees = $1,200

Room & Board = $4,000 – $10,000

Total = $15,200 – $46,200

(allowing for some variance in state tuition prices)

Now let’s look at prices associated with the CLEP system (College Level Examination Program):

CLEP test equivalent for a year of college = 7

Price of each test (including Proctor fee) = $100

Price of year’s subscription to CLEP prep tool = $119

Price of each Official CLEP Study Guide on Amazon = $20

Total = $959

So…anyone catch my drift? Not that mathematics is my particular forte, but to me these numbers are just a wee-bit compelling. Even on the low end you’d be saving $14,241! With more expensive state schools you could save up to $45,241 Think about it…

Ultimately, CLEP tests will save you tons of time and money, so why not invest in quality CLEP test prep material that makes earning college credit fun and easy? Learn more about SpeedypPrep, and join our CLEP test prep program today!