How Could Students Lighten Their Class Load This Fall?

How Could Students Lighten Their Class Load This Fall?

Many students are in the midst of registering for classes. They are looking at their schedules and trying to make sure they can line up their 3-6 classes this semester in the order and on the days they would like. I went through the same routine each semester I took classes at a local college campus.

But what most students are probably not considering is attempting to CLEP out of a class instead of packing this semester with 18 hours which will mean an average of 4 hours of sleep a night! Most students get stuck with that one class that lands on a Friday evening or they are making a trip to their campus on Tuesday or Thursday because of one class that didn’t fit in the other days.

An easy solution is CLEPing out! Look at your class schedule and see which of the classes you were planning on taking this fall. If there is a CLEP test offered for any of them why not take it? What do you have to lose? If you pass it could save you that Friday night class which you really don’t want to take, or making that drive down to your campus every Tuesday and Thursday just for one lecture.

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