About Us

As students seek to save time and money on their way to graduation, many have discovered the hidden gem of CLEP exams. (If you’ve never heard of CLEP tests, it’s like a class with only a final exam.) Whether students were accelerating their graduation, skipping the boring classes, or simply avoiding college debt, more and more students began taking these exams.


However, there was one problem. No one knew quite how to prepare. Since CLEP exams don’t come with personal tutors or even textbooks, many people just weren’t sure how to study or when they were prepared enough.


That’s why we started SpeedyPrep. Back in 2007, we started designing a flash card study system that not only covered everything on the test, but also intelligently measured your skill level and preparedness for the test.


Over the years, we have continued supporting more tests and honing our study material. Today, we offer thousands of questions covering twenty-four of the most popular CLEP tests.


Unique Study System

Our study system is designed to be simple and easy-to-use on the study side, while powerful algorithms silently work in the background to maximize your learning. Each test is divided into multiple flashcard/question sets that you can study individually or as one large group. Once you finish a set of flashcards, you will be given the option to go directly through again, or to only study the flashcards that you didn’t answer correctly.


As you continue improving your score and reviewing flashcards again, our progress tracker will analyze your skill level and update the graph immediately. Once the progress bar reaches 100%, you are ready to take the test.


100% Guarantee

Unlike any other CLEP study system online, we provide a 100% guaranteed pass-rate. Our study method works so effectively that we are actually able to guarantee all students who finish our program will pass the CLEP they are targeting. If anything goes wrong, they just have to send us a copy of their score report, and we will refund up to four months of SpeedyPrep fees.


No other study system we’ve seen offers a guarantee even half as strong as ours.