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Higher Education For Rural America

It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you’re on—The United States feels very divided at the moment for a variety of reasons. An increasingly heated political landscape, social injustices, and widespread disagreements on the current and future plans for the American economy have led to divisions across multiple socioeconomic lines. However, there’s one division … Read More >

Dealing with Stress in College, Pt. 2

In our previous blog, the CLEP study guide experts at SpeedyPrep gave you tips for managing college-related stress. We’ll continue on that topic here, giving you even more ways to defeat stress, get better grades, and make the most of your college experience. Know your schedule for the day. “By failing to prepare, you are … Read More >

Dealing with Stress in College

College is less a cakewalk and more like a gauntlet—unless you’re majoring in beer guzzling and skipping class, you’re going to experience some stress throughout your collegiate career. So how do you manage? How do you get past the stress to ensure your academic success? In this blog, the CLEP study guide specialists at SpeedyPrep … Read More >

How CLEP Can Help High School Students

If there’s one thing we know at SpeedyPrep, it’s that CLEP exams are an effective way to save money and earn college credit. But what most people don’t realize is that you don’t necessarily have to be enrolled in college to take CLEP exams and bank credits for your college career. In this blog, the … Read More >

How to Pass a CLEP Test, Part 2

In the previous blog, the CLEP study guide experts at SpeedyPrep gave you the first part of a recipe to pass any CLEP test, on any subject, at any time. We’ll finish that recipe here, adding to your “cheat sheet” so you can pass CLEP exams with flying colors. Answer every single question on the … Read More >

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