Get Lost College Credits Back

Get Lost College Credits Back

It happens to the best of us. That bout of mono, your family’s emergency, even just the sheer change and transition from high school to college — any number of circumstances can happen that result in not going through with a college course. This could look like dropping a class that needs to be completed, failing a course, or taking an incomplete, and any one of these situations can be frustrating.

But with CLEP exam study guides, all is not lost. As long as your college has the correct CLEP policies in place, you could get those credits after all — and in a manner that could save you both time and money. You might feel like you lost college credits, but CLEP can help you get them back. Contact SpeedyPrep for any questions that you might have about how CLEP can assist you at the college level!

How does it work?

There are a number of ways in which you can redeem those lost college credits, and if your college has the appropriate CLEP policies, the benefits are practically limitless (check with an advisor if you’re unsure).

Replace Gen Eds with CLEP.

While there’s value in all education, many people feel like general education requirements are an example of lost credits. It can feel as though you’re investing in courses that aren’t related to your major — when you could instead be diving into your career path.

Rather losing money to courses that aren’t directly relevant to your major, you could replace some of your Gen Eds with CLEP. This could end up expediting the time it takes to get into your major, and even speed up the overall time you spend in college — saving you thousands of dollars.

Avoid making up classes in the summer.

That anatomy class you ended up dropping, or that notoriously challenging bio class which ended in an “Incomplete” might be offered over the summer, but summer courses might not be your best option. Having to turn down a job or return home for the summer to save money, solely so you can take your summer classes, is only going to complicate everything. You could get those lost credits back, in a potentially more affordable and efficient process, simply by taking a CLEP exam. Though, to be fair, you’re going to need to pass that test, which is where our CLEP exam study guides come in.

Save time and money!

Do a little research on how much CLEP exams cost versus paying for a college course, and you might be stunned at the differences. With CLEP, you’re likely getting a significantly more affordable option — and since it’s more on your own schedule and at your pace, you can make the timing of the courses work for you.

Making mistakes and failing from time to time is a part of life, and if you’ve had to drop courses or feel as though you’ve lost some credits, it in no way makes you a failure. You can pick yourself right back up and find those credits through CLEP, and SpeedyPrep is here to help. Look into CLEP policies at your school, and find out more about CLEP exam study guides today.

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