How To Study Most Effectively For Your Learning Style

How can you make learning easy and effective? Contrary to popular opinion, textbooks and lectures might not be your best option.  Whether you are taking a regular class or studying for a CLEP exam, you can greatly increase your productivity by planning a study schedule designed to compliment your particular learning style. Here are some … Read More >

CLEP Graduates

5 Reasons CLEP Tests Are Top Students’ Secret Weapon

Top performing students have a secret… they’re not using the same tools you are. Many elite students are actually skipping traditional classes. Instead of sinking loads of money and valuable time into normal classes like everyone else, these world-class learners actually have found a way to skip to the final exam after studying on their … Read More >

traits employers want

Warning: Do You Have These 6 Traits Employers Want?

With unemployment rates depressingly high even for college graduates, what can a student or job seeker do to stand out? Thankfully, even while the job market is filled with people looking for good opportunities, many employers are actually having trouble finding people they want to hire. While college degrees certainly establish a basic level of … Read More >

happy CLEP graduates

What Is CLEP: Easily Earn College Credit Like An Elite Student

Formerly only used by top students to save time and money, CLEP tests essentially let students earn credit by just taking the final exam. So, what is CLEP? An amazing way you can save time and money while earning your degree. [well]Newsflash: Did you know that all CLEP tests cost just $80 and are worth 3-12 … Read More >

How Could Students Lighten Their Class Load This Fall?

Many students are in the midst of registering for classes. They are looking at their schedules and trying to make sure they can line up their 3-6 classes this semester in the order and on the days they would like. I went through the same routine each semester I took classes at a local college … Read More >

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